President’s Message
Right innovation, Right path, New Jeonbuk
President Namho Lee
President Lee, Nam-Ho
건강한 jthink 더 특별한
I believe that to create “A more special Jeonbuk”, the mind of the institute must become healthier. Healthy development refers to the creation of a sustainable growth mechanism by aiming for mid- to long-term results rather than short-term results. To achieve this, the Jeonbuk State Institute will pursue “right innovation rather than quick innovation”, “the right way rather than the shortcut”, and “the creation of a brand rather than indicators”.
I believe global issues and megatrends, such as the climate crisis, carbon neutrality, the demographic cliff, super-aged society, concentration on and in the metropolitan area, and distinctive regions ceasing to exist, can provide excellent opportunities for innovation. For the Jeonbuk State Institute to create such opportunities, I have established four key management goals.

First: We will strengthen our next-generation design and research capabilities which drive sustainable growth.

Second: The Jeonbuk State Institute will become the leader in innovative administrative policies.

Third: We will take the initiative to build a system for overcoming human and physical limitations to improve the responsiveness and quality of policy research.

Fourth: The Jeonbuk State Institute will earn its rightful place as a think tank and become the pride of the region’s residents.

The Jeonbuk State Institute will not neglect the task of
discovering mid- to long-term policies but will take a greater
interest in creating “new precents” in the future.
Thank you.