Organization Chart
Together Innovation, Together Success, New Jeonbuk
  • Chairperson
    • Board of Directors
    • Auditor
  • President
    • Reserch Advisory Committee
    • Research Division
      • Research Planning Division
      • Industrial and Economic Research Division
      • Regional Development Research Division
      • Sociocultural Research Division
      Special Research Organization (concurrent position)
      • Great Leap Policy Support Group
      • Saemangeum Research Center
      • Jeonbuk Studies Center
      • Economic Trend Analysis Center
    • Administrative Support Division
    • Women's Policy Research Center
      • Gender Impact Assessment Center
Research Planning Division
Institute vision, management evaluation, management plan and research project operation, provincial council, internal and external audit, external cooperation, employee and research project evaluation management, communication with residents, integrity, customer satisfaction, research report publication, publications, issue briefing, information security, IT Infrastructure, website management, etc.
Industrial and Economic Research Division
Research on industrial strategy, regional economy, small business owners, future industry, regional statistics, agro-food industry, rural convergence industry, agriculture and fishery/rural village, social economy, etc.
Regional Development Research Division
Research on balanced regional development, urban/regional planning, urban regeneration, regional development, housing/construction, transportation/logistics/SOC, Saemangeum development, water quality/environment, safety, etc.
Sociocultural Research Division
Research on social policy, social welfare, education, culture, tourism, physical education, local administration and finance, future policy, local community, etc.
Administrative Support Division
Organizational management, human resources, education work, organization regulations, service management, welfare, document management, office work, labor management, office building, facility, vehicle management, annual salary and total labor cost management, comission/consignment service/construction/goods contract, funds and fund management, asset management, etc.
Women's Policy Research Center
Policy research for the development of women and families, establishment of mid/long-term development plans, investigation and research on women and family policy development, planning, education and projects for women's social participation and revitalization of family welfare, etc.