JThink CI
Together Innovation, Together Success, New Jeonbuk
CI word mark
As a representative design element that symbolizes the Jeonbuk Institute, the word mark plays the most important role in establishing the identity of the Jeonbuk Institute and forming an integrated image. It is a form that expresses the role and value of Jeonbuk Institute, which is leaping into a green future by using Jeonbuk's green growth as a stepping stone, as J, the initials of Jeonbuk.
In addition, the initial J is also expressed in the shape of infinity, expressing the status of the institute that provides infinite synergy to the development of Jeonbuk, while the orange colored sphere symbolizes the red rising sun all over Jeollabuk-do, and it contains the message that the Jeonbuk Institute's efforts are responsible for the hopeful tomorrow of Jeollabuk-do in a macroscopic manner.
  • Blue
    PANTONE 286C C100+M70
    Blue _ Expresses the blueprint for the future of the Jeonbuk region
  • Green
    PANTONE 368C C60+Y100
    Green _ Means development through eco-friendly green growth
  • Orange
    PANTONE 144C M50+Y100
    Orange _ Expresses the dynamic and passionate institute like the rising sun

CI logo type
As a design element that composes the identity together with the word mark, it is used to indicate the official name of the institute.

CI signature
The signature is a design element that combines the word mark and the logo type in an optimal proportion. An appropriate signature should be used depending on the medium, but the combination method should follow the established principle.

It is a two-dimensional (matrix) type code that contains a variety of information in a rectangular horizontal and vertical grid pattern. ‘QR’ stands for ‘Quick Response’. If you touch your smartphone to the QR code, you will be connected to the website of the product and can receive information from the Jeonbuk Institute.